Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It's no secret I fell in love with San Francisco while we were away (that fog, for one, was captivating!) When we returned there for the final leg of our trip, I even started looking at the listings in the windows of real estate offices. Then I felt like I was cheating on our new home and got guilty (side note: did you know James has this funny thing where he rarely pats other dogs because he feels bad towards Elsa? He doesn't want her to smell another dog's scent on him, lest she feels rejected).

Aaaaaanyway, back to SF. June gloom was nowhere to be seen on our return and instead the sun was out, the glorious smell of summer was in the air and San Francisco was an exciting place to be. Though we would just miss Pride weekend and the fourth of July, we got to experience the moment when they lifted the ban on gay marriages in California. The city was buzzing! We also got to see the yachts coming in for the America's Cup and while I don't know much about sailing, it was nice to watch those big boats circle that beautiful bay. Let's not talk about the inflation in hotel prices at that time, k? I hope I will get to return there someday, if only to pick up my heart from where I left it.

^^Everyone is talking about the "cronut" but what about this massive donut? 
I shall hereby refer to it as the "monut"^^


  1. GORGEOUS photos
    where those donuts on man v food ?


  2. These pictures are pretty rad- I'm realizing lately how much I like the California flag, I'm happy about getting closer to equal rights for everyone in the U.S., and I like the picture of the biker cops!


    New Post!


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