Thursday, July 25, 2013


We cleared out and handed over the keys to our old flat just the other day and, despite the excitement about having our own house, I was a little sad to be leaving the home where so many beautiful moments in my life took place. I'll always remember the very first day I moved in. We hadn't even been together long before I moved in but the second I walked in the door, I knew I was where I should be. James was going to be at work when I brought my suitcase over and so he'd written notes all over the apartment (some of which I still have), showing me where everything was and how to operate all the techy stuff. It was the sweetest gesture.

That wee flat was where we used to stay up until the early hours talking, despite both of us having to be at work that morning. I don't know where we got the energy. I laugh as I remember the days I used to smoke (I knooooooow, so filthy, so foolish) and while I'd stand there on the balcony, James would be inside doing this theatrical display of mock-smoking, which always made me laugh. He doesn't realise it yet, but he's the most talented thespian I've met.

It feels so long ago that I was at uni and used to cram study in that apartment. Whenever I had to write a major essay, we'd move the computer to the dinner table and it'd be covered in pages and pages of my notes. There was never room to eat dinner at those times. And if you're eating on the couch, it's always appropriate for the meal to be outsourced, and outsource we did.

That place also was where I started this little blog. Almost every single post, except the last one, has been written there. I could sit here for hours recalling every brilliant memory but I doubt it will hold the same appeal for you as it does me! We're moving on and now we've got a home where I dare say even better memories will be created. We'll be newlyweds in this house, for one. And I already know that my sister is planning my hen's do which will begin under this very roof! ;-)

The night we came to our new house to do a final inspection, we bumped into the previous owners, a husband and wife, as they were leaving. The lady told us it had been an incredibly happy house for their family and hoped we'd be as happy living there as they had been. I've got a really good feeling we will be.

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