Tuesday, July 9, 2013


When we flew in to LA at the beginning of the trip, we had no time for touristy stuff as we would be departing for San Francisco very early the next day. Knowing how divided people's opinions are of the place, I was really keen to see it properly for myself. So what did I make of it? I was only there a few days so I can't really say for certain but I wasn't exactly blown away. I don't think it is the most beautiful city in the United States, and I am not talking only visually. I don't think I've ever encountered as many rude people per capita than I did in that city. So many times you'd hold a door open for someone and they'd just march straight through without acknowledging you. I'm not saying as a rule that people in Los Angeles are rude, I'm just saying that it's a place that a lot of egotistical and consequently rude people are drawn to. But that shouldn't surprise anyone, given the industries that thrive there. So what did I like about L.A? Well, the weather for a start! I also loved our walk around Runyon Canyon and the panoramic views when you reached the top. I liked the people-watching and the occasional chance to eavesdrop on conversations. I certainly enjoyed the fact that I didn't need to walk very far in order to get a caffeine hit in the morning (I know some people dismiss Starbucks and Coffee Bean but if you need a caffeine hit, you'll be grateful that you can get one on almost every corner!) I liked getting to see Beverly Hills and some of the beautifully tended-to homes of the stars. It was also kind of nice to go to The Grove. I know lots of people will criticise places like that for being "contrived" and yes, it might well be, but it's a pretty place in comparison to the wide and gritty looking streets of L.A. Plus there's plenty of decent shopping and dining on offer. All in all, I enjoyed getting the chance to finally see the famous city.

 ^^ With a stride that long, is it any wonder I'm still prone to shin splints?!^^

 ^^ An Eminem made entirely of M&Ms, naturally^^

^^ I'd already heard that Adam Sandler was known as one of Hollywood's nicest but his note to all 
of us (not just Sid Grauman as is usual practise) is proof^^

The L.A county you don't often see:

And the one you do:

We must have been the only people in L.A who walked almost everywhere. For our hard work:

Shopping was rarely on my mind while I was in the US, but I had to see the Grove while I was there. Why did no-one tell me about the nearby Farmer's Markets?

There's something very Disney about the place, isn't there? 

What about you? Have you been to L.A? What did you think of it?


  1. God, this place makes me miss LA! I haven't been in years but although I didn't rate LA as much, greater LA was amazing! Oh and the shopping at The Grove.....I loved it!! Can't wait to go back x

    1. Anna, go while the dollar is still strong! It's going down :-(


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