Monday, July 1, 2013


I am so sorry for my lack of posts! I had desperately wanted to blog every single day I was away but my computer's trackpad failed! Just trying to get the cursor to open Safari took me three times as long as it ordinarily would, so you can imagine how tough editing and uploading photos was going to be! When last you heard from me, I was getting ready to tell you all about my brother's wedding. It was surreal to watch my big brother get married. I don't think I've ever been as happy for two other people as I was for Jonathan and Veronica that day. My heart was already bursting when we first arrived at the hotel where he had been getting ready. As soon as we saw him in his kilt, the cameras and the videographer following him, it hit us: our big brother was getting married. Our first-born sibling, who we all looked on at as he did everything else before us - ride a bike, start school, stay up late - was now the first to be tying the knot (which they literally did, with tartan ribbon, as you'll see). It was exactly as it should have been. We all had butterflies as we watched Jonathan wait both proudly and nervously at the end of the aisle for his stunning bride. And then when she appeared, the most beautiful girl to ever walk an aisle, it was just as they say: there wasn't a single dry eye in the place.

Like the service, the reception was incredible. I haven't been to a wedding like it, in fact, I've only seen weddings like this in Hollywood films! The place was bursting with flowers - from the lollipops that lined the aisles to the thick carpet of petals that made up the aisle. As for the entertainment: you haven't been to a wedding until you've been to a Mexican one. As well as fireworks, a guy dancing on stilts, live music and a DJ, we were treated with performances, lots of performances, from Mexican singers and dancers and even Veronica's very own auntie, who sang a beautiful song for the newlyweds (she's the lady in the second last photo). Every moment of the night was so touching and so well done that I didn't want to go home!

The floor was shaking so much from all the dancing that I didn't even notice the 5.8 magnitude quake that hit Mexico right in the middle of the event. It wasn't until I heard my mum scream "RUN!" and saw everyone else bolt for the door, that I realised something was happening. I think it was when we got outside and James pointed to a swinging chandelier through a window that I realised what had just occurred. Apparently this stuff happens a lot, so after ten minutes outside (a precaution, I guess) the party was back on in full force.The bride and groom even made the major news sites in Mexico! I had actually said to James as I watched their wedding photographers snapping the evacuees"What's the bet these photos end up being sent to the papers?" To be fair, the whole night ought to be have been a feature in a magazine, it was that incredible. I took so many photos that night and I love every single one of them. This is a picture heavy post, but it deserves to be. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful! The bride had the right idea as far as footwear went, haha! ;)

  2. Wow Anna. What a post. Thanks so much from Veronica and I for having written so beautifully about our wedding. The photos that you took are lovely and we are touched that you thought so highly of or wedding!

  3. What can i say, again wow wow, you all look so beautiful and happy! I love the photos!Your new sister look so beautiful and i can tel she is just amazing like you all!They are so lucky to have some one like you to write an amazing wedding story! Love D.xoxo


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