Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I had a whole body massage today. It made me realise just how much shit is taking place in all these muscles of mine. My physio came in before the masseuse got to work. She told him "Anna's a mile a minute kind of person and so there's a few parts of her body that will really need some work". Work. They really don't use that word lightly, I've come to learn. My neck and shoulders are very seldom seen to and having them squeezed and kneaded i.e. worked upon today was nothing short of punishment. Punishment for allowing all that stress to accumulate over time, of constantly asking for more from my body and never giving it anything in return. Not even a little compensatory stretch here and there. Oh - how about those psoas muscles? Hey Anna, fancy pain that'll have you panting like you're in labour? Yep, that's thanks to all those years you spent sitting there, hunched over your desk despite everyone telling you to practise better posture for. your. own. good. That notion of prevention being the cure was totally lost on me. My masseuse says the body is like a bank - we can't keep on expecting more and more from it without paying it back. That means rest, relaxation, massage, moderation... 

I feel like there's so many knots to undo, so many layers to peel if I want to get to where I want to be. I still need the experts help and will for a while. It certainly hurts the pocket but is worthwhile when there's a return on the "investment". It takes a lot of work outside the consultation room and that's the tough bit. In all honesty, it feels like the layers are still revealing themselves and at the moment almost every body part from below the breast is a problem! At first I thought it was just one small area in the pelvis but I'm learning that often it's the whole system that's out of whack. Posture, chronic tension, years of misuse. General build-up leading to decay. Where do I even begin to get to the bottom of it?

So, I've got a mat. I've got a foam roller, tennis ball, whatever I need to dig into every tight muscle. I'm reading the books on healing pelvic pain and I've got a beautiful relaxing space out on my balcony to take the time each day to stretch and knead as they instruct. I even bought a gorgeous candle to try and add to the whole "this is a peaceful place, not a painful one" atmosphere, if it's even possible. Anyway, that was what was happening with me today. A little overwhelmed by everything suddenly. Maybe when I'm feeling less sore (my tailbone is so painful right now) I'll feel back on top of things. Aaaaaanyway. I hope I didn't just depress you to the core!!! Tell me I'm not the only one who all of a sudden, almost out of nowhere, gets overwhelmed with doom and gloom?


  1. Hmmm, sounds like relaxation, massages and rest can't be the worst things the doctor ordered! :P

    Hope your body finds its zen soon.

    1. Haha, I wish it were as it sounds!!!
      Thanks lovely x

  2. I think it's fantastic you're repairing the body! So many times I've put off seeing specialists, thinking it'll go away but there's so many great holistic approaches to things that I know use as relaxation time.

    I usually unrolled my yoga mat this morning to do some stretches! Love our in sync we are!


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