Tuesday, July 9, 2013


One of the things I most looked forward to in the US was its burgers. You've all seen photos of real American burgers in blog posts and on tumblr. They never look like that Down Under, all grease, orange melty cheese and crispy bacon. We must have eaten a dozen burgers while we were away and there was no question about which burger joint topped the list.

Super Duper Burgers is going to be numero uno on your list of "American Burger Joints to Visit". They're the fast food joint with "slow food values", which instantly gets a tick from me. The beef is sustainably farmed and ground daily, their shakes and soft serves made with organic Californian cream. All their packaging is compostable too. Did I mention they also bake their cookies and pie on premises?

They didn't have a gluten-free bun for me, instead they wrapped the burger in lettuce. This suited me just fine as I wanted to keep things as LCHF as possible but I wasn't expecting to be blown away. Well, didn't I get the surprise of my life when I tasted that little bunless beauty! The blend of sexy smoked bacon, super melty cheese and Niman Rach beef knocked my socks off and I kid you not, even without a bun, that burger was better than any fully assembled cheeseburger I have ever tasted! My partner in culinary crime agreed that Super Duper was, well, super duper.

^^We weren't the only Super Duper devotees^^

Say hello to James' Super Burger with cheese:

And my burger, undressed. This. Is. How. Bacon. Should. Look (and boy, do I wish you could have tasted it for yourself):

As well as these super duper cookies, they have the most delicious soft serve cones. I didn't take pictures the other time we went (yes, we were regulars) but James and I went to town on a soft serve dipped in chocolate. 

You can find out more about Super Duper Burgers here. Promise me you'll visit them if you go to San Francisco?

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