Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This is extraordinary. I first read about it on A Cup of Jo (she has some awesome links, doesn't she?) and shared it with just about everyone I know. It is not an astrological profile, but rather a personality profile they've created from a 40-year, 20,000 subject biographical study. I couldn't believe how accurate it was in describing me. Then I looked up James' D.O.B and it was just as uncanny. You can also do a relationship profile, if you're game. Mine was so spot on, except I kind of freaked a little when it said our relationship was ideal for love but problematic for marriage. Eek! I guess 40, even 30 years ago marriage was a bigger game-changer than it is now with all us co-habitators, try-before-you-buyers. GRAIN OF SALT, ANNA. GRAIN OF SALT. Anyway, try it and let me know what you thought of your profile!


  1. Your bother and I are apparently ideal for marriage hehe wink wink xxx R

    1. I think you are too!!! Are you August 30??? That is James' mum's birthday too as far as I recall!!!

  2. Yea I am! I did the individual profile too - was so spot on it was a little freaky! Great link xx R

  3. My birthdate isn't so spot on but my week & month definitely is! & the way + path

    Bookmarking this for sure x


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