Monday, July 8, 2013


It's an incredible place, Vegas. We actually had a massive dose of culture shock when we first got there. After seeing kids of as young as four and five on trains in Mexico helping their parents make a living, it was kind of shocking to get to Vegas and see this complete overabundance of everything. Alcohol in glasses so long people had to wear a strap around their back to carry them; overweight kids downing super-sized shakes; girls with breasts bigger than their heads; people mindlessly pressing buttons for hours on end at a slot machine; people pushing drugs and handing out "girls for hire" cards on every corner... Get the picture?
But you soon get used to it. And you find that there's a lot to enjoy about Vegas without having to sacrifice your soul!
We walked a tonne, trying to see as many casinos and stores as we could. We didn't manage it. We saw Celine Dion perform (when in Vegas, eh?), took a day trip to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, ate some seriously good food, watched some of the outdoor water shows, had about five minutes of pool time, gambled a grand total of seven dollars and then vowed we'd be back again one day to win our fortune and laze properly by those epic swimming pools.


  1. you're making me want to go so badly !

    1. It's a whole lot of fun! And quite cheap (even cheaper if you have a win at the casino!!!)


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