Friday, August 2, 2013


Did you know that on this day in 1377, the Russian army were defeated because they were too drunk? I didn't before today. I was curious to find out what sort of interesting things had happened on this day in history, so did a Wikipedia search of August 2nd. There were many, many other horrible events that took place on August 2nd throughout history but also some very positive ones too. The signing of the United States Declaration of Independence took place, then 100 or so years later, the first underground train station opened in London and, just over half a century after that, a clever fellow by the name of Carl David Anderson discovered the Positron. He would go on to receive a Nobel Prize for his efforts. It's incredible to think that, for all these people who have gone down in history for one reason or another, that day started out just like any other. They'd have woken up, sometimes completely unsuspecting that later on that day, something of great magnitude would happen. Wonderful, life-altering things happen every single day. Sometimes they're so small you don't even notice them happening: little decisions you make today, tomorrow, the day after that... they all add up and eventually lead you somewhere very special. Think of all those English people who ended up together because they locked eyes one evening on the train home from work. That, and countless other things might not have ever happened if The Tube wasn't established all those centuries ago. Crude example but you get what I'm saying, right? Even if today is as ho-hum as it gets, remember that you're on a journey. Enjoy the trip. And have fun with your fellow passengers - it'll make the trip go much faster!

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  1. I often think things like this! On my twitter feed I follow something along the lines of 'on this day in...' and it tells you what happened on this day in history. Sometimes 50 years ago, sometimes 2000 years ago. The thing that gets my brain whirring the most is, like you say, the fact that those people feel just the same as we do every single day and have most of the same problems, like their marriages, their careers, their children, their health...and each and every one of them was at the time a member of the most advanced generation in history - they thought they were so we do!

    Great post Anna.


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