Friday, August 9, 2013


Anyone else having House of Cards withdrawals? I was late to the game and only began watching it last week. When we finished Season One, I went to the laptop to start downloading the next season, before realising there wasn't one. Grief!

The fellow who is doing our marriage preparation course (whom we've come to love dearly) recommended Borgen to fill the gaping hole HOC left, so I went straight to JB HiFi and bought the first  season on DVD. I'm one episode in and already hooked.

Tonight we're having a break from watching TV shows and instead will settle in and watch a cheesy film. I love a suspenseful film in the "stalker" genre and have seen just about all of them (Single White Female; Fear; Swimfan; Cape Fear etc). I actually googled "stalker films" tonight and found one I haven't seen yet - it's called Obsessed and it's poorly rated and supposedly as predictable as a dad joke. Just what my head needs right now. Today I did an impromptu, over zealous hamstring stretch and felt a tug I knew I shouldn't have. Now I'm limping, sore and deeply regretful. I curse myself every time I think about it. I'm praying this won't linger - we're three months away from the wedding and I'm sure this is when I'm supposed to be doing the most cardio. Argh!

On a brighter note, James' brother has tickets for the footy tomorrow night and the whole family is coming down for the occasion. It's not often you see mum, dad, sons and significant others out and about together so it's quite special. I haven't been to an AFL match since I was a little girl, when the whole family would make the 5 hour trek to Melbourne just to watch Essendon play. Tomorrow will be a nice trip down memory lane, more so if they sell jam donuts at the game.

What are your plans for the weekend? Have you got TV show recommendations you're dying to share? Spill...

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