Monday, August 19, 2013


It's official: we're grown-ups now. It dawned on us as we stood in line at Bunnings (for the third time that week) waiting to pay for plants. I turned to James and said "Are we full-on adults now?" He replied, "I think we are" to which I responded, "Wow, it just kind of crept up on us without us realising, huh?". Then we laughed because we find ourselves quite amusing.
We just spent the past weekend giving our back and front courtyards a makeover. It all started because I saw a flea on Poppy. I thought it might have been because she was always in the garden beds and that we must have an infestation. Yes, I always settle on the worst case scenario. I trawled the internet to find a solution and we soon found ourselves at a garden and pet supply center for Dimataceous Earth to sprinkle on the garden beds.

But once we got into the garden, we thought we should probably get rid of all the dead leaves and aggravate the soil first. So we did. We also pulled out a few plants that were getting in the way and called it a day after the application of DE. The next day, we woke up first thing and decided we would neaten things up a bit. Why not, eh? At first, we were only going to put down a segment of lawn so the dogs would have somewhere to "go" when we weren't home. But then I decided I wanted more symmetry in the back courtyard and ripped out all the herbs to make place for an identical bush that we have on the back wall. Luckily, there was a similar plant in the front yard already that we decided we could pull up and use for that purpose. 

We were on a roll by this stage. We ripped out every last low-lying shrub at the front of the house and decided we'd put a box hedge trim around the magnolia tree, to neaten everything up. But my very favourite bit would have to be the Osmanthus I planted outside the window of the guest bedroom. It's going to smell incredible whenever someone opens the window on a warm day. Everything looks fantastic now and I am so proud of us for working together on all of it. I couldn't think of anyone but James I'd want to do all of this stuff with, it was just so much fun. 


  1. The gardening part certainly is the most grown up thing about owning a place I find. I think it's great that you and James enjoy it together and that you put together such a lovely spot for you both to enjoy in the warmer weather.

  2. Would be awesome to have a little garden, you guys are too cute!

  3. Nooooo - you ripped up your herbs? They are the best bit, especially the smelly ones like rosemary, mint & thyme!

    1. I know, I know. And I did like the idea of a herb garden too. We've got a better place for one to go though, once I decide which things I want to plant.


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