Thursday, August 22, 2013


I had a really good birthday this year. I don't think I've ever felt more special! James had told me to be at home that morning for a delivery and luckily I didn't leave the house for too long the rest of the day because another three chaps came by to drop off all sorts of gorgeous gifts and surprises. James woke me with a very sweet card. I love, love, love receiving anything with the word "fiancee" on it. I still pinch myself. 

Not long after James had left for work, a lovely woman from a local gallery came by with this gorgeous surprise:

There was a photograph exhibition there recently and every time I walked by, I admired one particular  photograph hanging in the window. Then one day, I looked in the window and noticed it was gone. The following week, there was a sculpture exhibit there. I still thought about that photo. Little did I know, a very thoughtful man had bought it for me and was keeping it all under wraps until my birthday. 

He knows I love orchids too. He also knows I am terrible at keeping them alive. But he hasn't lost faith in me:

I have been blessed with beautiful, thoughtful in-laws. They sent me this gorgeous and delicious arrangement:

Mum and dad spoilt me too. A dozen roses, a snuggle buddy and a much appreciated bottle of plonk!

The door had been knocking right up until past five o'clock, so I had to rush getting ready. I ended up throwing this outfit together and James said it was the best one he'd seen on me. Murphy's law, eh?

He knows I love Japanese food and that I've had Azuma in my sights for a long time. Therefore...

We had the assorted sashimi; vegetable and seafood tempura; spider rolls; wagyu beef and miso eggplant. They nailed every dish. I now know why all the top Japanese chefs and schmoozers flock to Azuma for a feed! I really wanted to try the Scampi too (there will be a next time) but decided to leave room for dessert. We had the dessert plate (creme brûlée was the highlight) and a serve of caramel ice cream. Not your average, either... I need that recipe!!! 

I'm going to say it: contrary to popular opinion, birthdays get better every year. I especially loved all the  messages you left on here and on my facebook page. Reading them brought a smile to my face and I felt very blessed to have such beautiful people in my world.


  1. happy belated birthday! looks and sounds like it was perfect, the food looks incredible :) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

    1. Thank you!

      P.S. How good are the ricotta hotcakes?!?!

      There's three of his cafes in strolling distance from me... dangerous!

  2. Looks like you had an incredible day! & that painting is so beautiful xxxxx

  3. happy birthday lazy biarch. what do you do all day? sit on your fat arse while james baby is working his arse off for you. he deserves better than you, he deserves me.

    1. You again.

      If I didn't have a chronic condition preventing me from actually sitting, perhaps you might find me "on my fat arse".

      Not that what I do all day is any of your concern, so piss off.

  4. Anonymous,

    Your many critical comments (most not even published) demonstrate much frustration that you and I are not together. Whilst this is flattering, you must appreciate that without disclosure on who you are it is impossible for us to take our potential relationship to the next level or for me to break your existence to Anna.

    Therefore you have two options: either come forward and reveal yourself or stop sending comments. As now that I have opened this door to you, any further comments under the Anonymous guise will remove from you any credibility you may believe you still have. Without credibility your comments will have no impact and become blatant lies that achieve only embarrassment for you.

    Finally, if things do progress between us please resist from referring to me as "baby" (or any derivation of). This is so tacky and every time I hear someone use it it makes me cringe. Shouldn't you already know this? Oh, never mind the details, right?


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