Saturday, August 31, 2013


A good man or woman might work hard so the other needn't. Equally, the spouse who stays at home needn't consume so much that the breadwinner needs to work so hard. I feel kind of like a bad spouse right now. This pelvic rehabilitation isn't coming cheap and, unfortunately, the physio I go to is also located right next to a major shopping centre. Often I'll get a call from them right before my appointment telling me they're running half an hour behind schedule. You can visit a lot of stores in just thirty minutes, let it be known! The above photo is the result of a few of those occasions. I'm going to do all I can to avoid temptation, even if it means unfollowing every fashion blog and inspiring OOTDer on instagram. Do you find a correlation with fashion blogs and your own spending too?

Country Road shorts / Dotti tops and jacket / Napoleon Perdis cosmetics

In other news, I had the weirdest experience the other day. My sinuses have been irritating me for some time now but it wasn't until I started getting an odd object-in-throat sensation that I decided to see my GP. He had a feel around and didn't notice anything remarkable; an ultrasound of the thyroid said the same so he sent me off to see an ENT surgeon. It was there that I experienced the aforementioned strange event, something I hope I will never, ever have to endure again. The doctor fed a tube through my nostril, right down into my throat. It's the most disgusting feeling ever, feeling that tube go through your whole nasal cavity and way too far beyond. Perhaps the worst moment for me was when I was looking up at him, already quite unnerved with the sensation of this tube going where no object has been before, and he said "now, you're probably going to feel a very strange feeling behind your eye". Eugh!!! That moment, the uncomfortable foreignness of it all just got so much worse with that little warning. Truth be told, I didn't get a sensation behind my eye at all, thank goodness. I'd hate to know what that "very strange feeling" was like. Shudder.

Anyway, his findings were that I had a benign lump on my vocal cords which probably explained the lump in throat sensation. I also have a slightly deviated septum which, according to wikipedia, can contribute to sinus problems like the ones I've been having. He put me on some steroid sprays and said to cut down on gluten and dairy as they cause sinus problems in just about everyone. So I did. And now I don't know what to eat! Only kidding, I think life sans dairy is going to force me to be a little more imaginative in the kitchen! After three days without any dairy products, I've noticed a flatter stomach and less facial swelling. Strangely, the bridge of my nose appears slimmer! When I asked my dad about this phenomenon, he said that sometimes sleep apnea patients can have facial swelling around the sinuses so it wouldn't be unheard of for my nose to have looked a bit broader due to sinus problems.

Another recent development has been the planning of a cosmetic makeover of our digs. Hopefully we can start this after the wedding if I start watching my outgoings. Gulp. We're really leaning towards super white walls and dark floors for the whole house. And by white, I mean almost ceiling white! This is what has been inspiring me:

 We're both drawn to the idea of an almost black feature wall for the bedroom, kind of like these:

...Whether we make the leap is another story! We've got a colour consultant from Dulux coming next weekend to help us understand what sort of paints are going to suit the space. If you're ever trying to find that perfect shade of paint - especially if you're only looking for a "simple" white paint please don't put yourself through the hassle we did! We'd have saved ourselves a lot of money on sample pots, not to mention our own sanity, if we'd hired an expert in the very beginning.

I'm about to start getting ready now as we're heading to Newcastle for the weekend. I hope you have a great weekend. For those of you in Australia, are you doing anything special for your dad on Sunday?


  1. I have had the very same camera up my nose thing years ago so I know what you're saying. It's awful.
    And if its any consolation, your purchases look gorgeous and I am sure you'd get lotsa wears out of them.

    1. Hehe yes it's probably the worst medical thing I've ever had done and I've had some pretty weird experiences in the doctors room!
      Thanks lovely. I really ought to be saving and being careful, especially now with the wedding and house stuff but temptation gets the better of me allllllll the time. Poor James!

  2. You'll be surprised what you can enjoy with a gluten & dairy free diet! I don't eat any gluten or wheat products & can't say I've been missing out on anything over the past 2 years! so many places these days do gluten/dairy/sugar free stuff so we're in luck :D

    Would you guys be having any white furniture? if so, that will be the only downside to white walls- a few friends have said some white furniture isn't as white as the walls and it looks weird!


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