Thursday, August 8, 2013


I haven't done many beauty product posts recently. During the move we threw out 3/4 of what was in my bathroom cupboards because I just wasn't using any of it. Who needs 30 nail polish shades when you're only going to keep reaching for the same one? Why purchase a different brand of moisturiser if the one you're using is perfect? Looking at the rows and rows of products made me feel a bit sick with myself that I'd allowed myself to just accumulate all that stuff without even questioning myself. It wasn't only money down the drain, but also a waste of materials and packaging.

Suffice to say, I've stopped my beauty box subscriptions and haven't ventured out and gotten anything unless it's to replace something I've used up. Now, this post might look like just another wasteful beauty haul but I promise that all of these things are going to good use. Like I said, they're products worth talking about and, y'know, small steps...

1.  Palmers Cocoa Butter. I'm not a big moisturiser (only my face tends to get the special treatment) but since I've started physio, I've begun to do a lot of massage at home. One area that is particularly tight and painful is the upper abdomen (stress heads might relate) and I've elected to use this cult product. It does the job and I figured it would be good to start making my skin more elastic in preparation for pregnancy. We're not expecting, nor are we trying, but I believe it might be better to start getting all that moisture into the belly, butt and thighs as soon as possible, instead of waiting until I'm pregnant and my skin is already stretching. Some say that stretch marks are genetic, which is probably correct, in which case I would be considered "prone". If I don't get them, Palmers will be the reason why. I promise to let you know! ;-)

2. Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry Shower Gel. I first discovered this when I bought the hand soap version. Lathering up, I could have eaten my own fingers there and then, it smelt so damn delectable. Every time I walk into my bathroom, I can smell it. Heavenly! Better than any berry scented toiletry that's ever existed! Be careful though, like the sweetest strawberry milkshake, it'll bring all the boys to the yard (sorry, had to!)

3. Palmers Purifying Mask. One word: Wedding. If there's one day in my life I need my skin to be in tip top condition, it's The Big Day. My track record has been pretty poor for the most part of the past five years (sleeping in makeup, not drinking enough water) but I've come good! I'm now devoted to the pursuit of glowing skin that doesn't require spot concealer. I am hoping this mask will take care of those pesky pores. Pimples at 26: the joke's been going on far too long.

4. JLo 'Glowing' EDP. I'm not big into celebrity fragrances but I quite like this one. I picked it up for just $14.00 at Priceline today. Some days I look at my perfumes and think I've gone a little OTT but other times I reason that, if fragrance makes you happy, then don't deny yourself the pleasure. The bottle is kind of fun too, illuminating when you give it a spray. Nice work, Ms. Lopez.

What about you? What products do you consider worth a mention? There's gotta be one or two you want to share...

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  1. I bought Palmers cocoa butter and the raspberry shower gel for my holidays to Spain and I loved them both. The scent of the shower gel is just divine!


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