Sunday, August 11, 2013


Last night, James' brother took us out to the AFL. I'm a born and bred Victorian so this was my idea of "going to the footy", not that rugby stuff that I should probably have half a clue about by now. The last time I saw a live game I was still a girl. Back then, those players (especially Essendon ones) were like gods to me. They were so old and tough and heroic in my eyes back then, but the experience was so much different for me now that I'm only ten days from being 27. Most of the guys on field were just boys and, though exponentionally taller than me, looked more like humans than the invincible giants I once perceived them to be. Being close enough to smell the Dencorub and hear the slap of skin every time they tackled, their realness increased tenfold.

As an Essendon supporter, I know I am supposed to have an automatic dislike for the Magpies (the team in black and white). However, I have always considered the Swans my least favourite team, so couldn't bring myself to barrack for them yesterday evening. I also kind of felt sorry for the Pies, given they were playing away and thus their fan presence last night wasn't anywhere near as strong the Swans. I do, however take my hat off to Sydney for their fashion-forward facial hair. Nick Malceski was a standout with his hipstermatic haircut and beard. I'm not a fan of the Bushranger look but he's the first I've seen who really suits it. 6 points to Nick for that.

^^Complimentary Redfoo specs at the gates. It seems he's well liked down under. Good for him^^

Collingwood were the victors, which was a good way to end what was a really enjoyable night for us. I've resolved to actually follow the league next year and probably attend a few games if Essendon is playing. I know it's not the girliest thing to do, but I really recommend a night out to watch the AFL. If you're not familiar with it, it's super easy to follow and, in Melbourne in particular, you can get pretty swept up in the energy in those stands. More than a couple of times as a lass I did feel a bit hoarse by games end!

We finished up our night with a little toast to our new home. James' folks were kind enough to bring a really lovely bottle of champers to celebrate the occasion. We're very lucky to have them in our lives, they really are the most thoughtful parents and in-laws you'll ever meet. We've just seen them off and will probably try and get out shortly for an easy walk around the park. Got much planned for today? What sort of mischief did you get up to last night?

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