Friday, August 9, 2013


I can't think of anything recently that's been as funny as the process of trying to train Poppy to respond to the "sit" command. There's meant to be a pretty foolproof method where you hold the treat to their nose and then move it backwards toward their tail, forcing them to sit down. It worked with Elsa and, as far as I remember, most of the other dogs at puppy school. Poppy did everything but sit when we did this with her. She would kind of place her bum on the ground for a quick second only, then she'd start jumping like a Pogo stick. Those treats must have been so exciting for her. Anyway, I made a video for my friends and family (is this a weird thing to do?) but I find it too cute not to share here too. I sound so okka in this, it's kind of cringey but I think my accent is probably not going to change this late in the game! Oh, and the part where she bites me - her teeth are so sharp I don't know how I managed to laugh about it.

... In case you're wondering, she finally has the hang of it. I'm as proud as punch.

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