Thursday, September 5, 2013


Reading: The latest titles from some of my favourite authors.
The wait for a new book  from your favourite writers always feels so much longer than it really is, doesn't it? I'm a huge fan of Jonathan Dee. I love his writing and I love his characters. Not necessarily because of who they are but because he's written them so well. I know The Privileges is one of his most popular novels but Palladio affected me a little more on an emotional level. I'd love to have his ability to describe people so perfectly and succinctly; it's one thing to see and to understand but another thing to be able to put it in words that simply nail it. That's one skill I wish I had. Sigh.
My introduction to Nikki Gemmell was almost a decade ago with The Bride Stripped Bare. I devoured With my Body in a day and wondered why on earth people were talking about 50 Shades of Grey and NOT THE BRIDE STRIPPED BARE TRILOGY. I still shake my head when that awful FSOG is referred to as some defining novel of female sexuality. Here's the blurb on Gemmell's latest, I Take You, and, please, if you haven't already, read The Bride Stripped Bare. Get back to me and let me know what you thought of it!!!

Drinking: Dairy Alternatives
I've tried them an assortment of them recently: almond, quinoa, soy, oat, coconut and rice milk. My favourite is always going to be Bonsoy but soy milk is so controversial right now that I've decided to limited my consumption. Oat milk and Coconut milk are outrageously good in a latte and so I've decided to rotate the two of them for my morning coffee. I've decided cow's milk isn't worth the horrible sinus troubles I get whenever I drink it. Funnily enough, I haven't been bloated since kissing it goodbye too!

Watching: Girls (and Breaking Bad, but that's obvious)
I'm obsessed with Girls. I love this show and I love Lena Dunham. This little piece of TV is defining. I never could truly relate to Sex and The City (much as it was entertaining to watch) but I feel like Girls is my show. I'm sure there's many of you who feel the same. It's so true, so clever, so hilarious. And luckily for me, being late to the game, I get to binge on back-to-back episodes, at least for a little while.

Insta-stalking: Rozalia Russian
Gosh I love people who are Melbourne Famous. I think Rozalia's actually become pretty darn famous just about everywhere now, which is as it should be as Melburnians are mostly pretty awesome. Rozalia is one fashionable gal and lets us in on her style secrets via her blog, which you can find here. She's also got the cutest baby belly, most gorgeous digs and, most importantly, has a very friendly online presence, replying to all her followers fashion/health/lifestyle questions like a really good sport. 

Excited about: Our wedding invitations. They're here! I love them! Job very well done to Sweet Art. They're also taking care of our flowers, cake, cars, music and a whole bunch of other things. It's been really good to be able to co-ordinate a lot of the details through them because, knowing me, I'd probably forget something or leave it too late and end up in a panic. They gave us a list of all the services they offered and we just ticked off the things we wanted them to help us with. I think we ended up saving ourselves a lot of running around!!!

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  1. Ahhhh I've been stalking Rozalia Russian too! She is so stunning & her bump is just way too cute!

    Invites look amazing x


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