Saturday, September 28, 2013


Yesterday afternoon, we went to our wedding reception venue to sample the foods that we had chosen for our reception dinner. I had every intention of taking photos of each course but because we had to choose wines, provide feedback and discuss our plans with the events lady, I figured pulling the camera out might be a bit disruptive. I wore my new Bardot wet look jeans and ivory blouse - the top reminds me a lot of the type of thing my mum used to wear in summer when we were kids. I realise I take after her with my fashion choices. She keeps it simple, doesn't accessorise much and loves stripes. Black cat, black kitten.

^^I promise I ironed my top before I left the house! These photos were taken after dinner, so my top had crinkled by then^^

I got to the venue early and was struck with a wave of inspiration. The flowers for one, were genius. I found out that Tulipanna in Bondi are responsible for the stunning arrangements. 

The decor in the hotel really appeals to me. When I walked inside for the first time at the start of the year, I knew it was the place for our reception. I wish I could have taken more photos to show you, but I found out there is a rule about photography in the common areas - I don't think they minded me photographing my husband-to-be and the couch he was sitting on though.

We're really excited about the food and plonk we've chosen for the night! Because our tasting was in the afternoon, we were finished by early evening, which meant we had time to go to IKEA for the second night in a row. Our mission was to choose an outdoor setting for the balcony adjoining our bedroom. It's the most peaceful and sunny spot, perfect for spending hours reading or snoozing. Our only requirement was that I could lie on my side, because sitting is still not comfortable for me. We found one and raced home to put it together.

This is me after "my" segment was completed:

And James, at completion:

I think it looks best first thing in the morning, though.

The same can't be said for me. Gosh, my pyjama pants are sitting high in this picture.

There aren't any plans for the rest of the day, which is exactly how I like it. What are you up to? Did you enjoy yesterday's post about my sister? I'm not sure if she knew why I was asking her so many questions but I directed her to read the blog and she said it made her cry. In a good way, I think.


  1. Love that top, and your balcony looks so cosy and cool! x

    1. It is cosy! We never want to go inside now! :-)

  2. I love that outdoor setting, ikea have some awesome stuff x

  3. They sure do. It keeps getting better every time I go.


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