Friday, September 20, 2013


They broke the blogger mould when they made Faux Fuchsia. If you haven't heard of her, you're one of the few. The newspapers have described her as a "cult" blogger, her page views are in the millions (over 6, to be precise) and, if you want my opinion, I think that she's one of the most phenomenal people to hit the blogosphere. 

Allow me to try and explain why... Some big bloggers rely on massive, professional photos to keep us scrolling. They re-design when our interest wanes. They become advertisers and models and we read them as idly as we might a glossy mag. Sometimes we even skip the words altogether. If we pulled the blogger out of the blog and popped another person in their place would we mind? Probably not. But with FF, it's her we come to see or, rather, hear from (we don't see her full face). It's the personality, the smarts, the wit, and not to mention all the colour and fabulousness that we love. One thing that's essential to FF (aside from impeccable grooming, generous cushioning and wicked culinary skills) is her Faux Fuchsia-isms - words and phrases that are instantly recognisable, totally unique and yes, entirely deserving of the suffix!

There's a lot of intrigue about Faux Fuchsia. When you type "Faux Fuchsia" into google, one of the first search suggestions is Faux Fuchsia sightings (nee noo nee noo). There are a few documented online. One blogger described being "star-struck" by the encounter, as if she "had just met the Stig without his helmet". All say that FF in real life is just as, if not more, fabulous and lovely than they imagined.

There are still so many questions I'd love to ask the intriguing FF myself and this week especially I'm kicking myself that I named the segment Friday Five and not Friday One Hundred and Five. Before I introduce you, I must say that putting together these colour themed (would FF approve?) collages was most enjoyable and has totally inspired me to start manicuring my fingers and being a little more adventurous with colour. But without further adieu, say hello to the fabulous Faux Fuchsia:

What's something people frequently say/observe about you?

My real life friends think I am funny. I like to make them laugh.

A film about your life: Who would you ask to play you?

Catherine Deneuve in her 40s. It'd have to be a French Film with sub titles.

5 songs to feature on The Soundtrack to your Life?

The soundtrack of my life is the sound of my washing machine and dryer at the moment

"Best 24 Hours Ever": What would your plans be?

The best 24 hours would be time spent with my entire family at the beach

Finish this sentence: "It is perfectly OK to…

"cut corners"

You can find Faux Fuchsia at her blog here and on instagram, here.

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