Friday, September 13, 2013


Welcome to the first instalment of Friday Five. Each week, I'll be throwing 5 Q's to someone I think you're going to love meeting! Because this is the inaugural episode, I was cheeky and threw in a bonus question for our guest this week, whom I'm sure is someone many a Sydney social and style stalker would be familiar with. Montarna McDonald is a Sydney girl with a whole lot going for her: she's the PR and Communications Manager for hip and high end fashion retailers Belinda and The Corner Shop, but many of you will also remember her as the gal behind popular blog The Intersection Paddington and as Sweaty Betty's Social Media maven. 

If you're one of her almost 6,000 followers on Instagram, you'd be forgiven for having a pang of envy over her designer duds, parties and hedonistic overseas holidays. I was more than a little intrigued by the stunning blonde and asked her if she's mind taking part in the Friday Five. She was all too happy to oblige. Stylish, savvy and sweet. And, as you'll see, appreciates a disco beat as well - a woman after my own heart!

1. What's something we'd be surprised to know about you? 

I always carry a tease comb with me. There is nothing worse for me than
having flat hair!

2. Five songs to feature on the soundtrack to your life?

Below is what I have on repeat at the moment :

3. Favourite places in Sydney for eating, drinking, coffee?

Eating: My friend Jessica Sepel's house, she is an amazing cook! (Jessica has her own website here)

Drinking: Pelicano, Double Bay (also a great place to put your dancing
shoes on)

Coffee: Indigo, Double Bay (I'm here twice a day without fail)

4. Pet peeves?

I can't stand when people crack their knuckles. It makes me cringe!

5. Current favourite nail shade, lip colour, hair product?

Nails: I swap between 3 OPI colours always: Lincoln Park After Dark /

Lip colour: I go for a light pink gloss in the day from a selection of
Benefit glosses and if I'm going out I like to rock Chanel No.98 red

Hair Product: Anything that Tarryn at Bryoni's Hair in Bondi Beach tells me
to use. She is the hair wizard!  I'm thinking hair spray would be at the top
of that list

6. Something people frequently observe about you?

My style. It changes depending on my mood.

Pictures from here, here, here and Montarna's instagram.

A big thanks to Montarna for taking part this week!

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