Thursday, September 26, 2013


I'm about to start getting into some mags but felt compelled to write a short post. I've only just gotten July's Tatler and noticed they're talking about drugs and "who's taking what". It reminded me of something I saw on the telly yesterday evening. I was flicking through the channels when I came across Tracy Grimshaw revealing a very grim statistic. Apparently, drug overdose deaths now exceed the road toll here in Australia. Isn't that frightening? More disturbing is the fact that most overdoses involve prescription drugs.

I think that people really don't understand just how real the issue of Drug Toxicity and especially Combined Drug Intoxication (CDI) really is. Drinking or taking other drugs while you are on one form of medication can have devastating consequences.  I remember years ago someone telling me that if you drank too much, taking Valium would stop you getting a hangover. I happened to have about 50 (!!!) pills from my doctor because of travel anxiety, which really should have only been used for that purpose. Instead, I did what a whole number of people do and disregarded the warning on the box (it's only a little dose, I thought) and often I'd take Valium after nights out. Combining sedatives as I had done is generally a no-no and the risk of accidental overdose is very real. We know that this is what caused the untimely deaths of celebrities like Elvis, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Cory Monteith, Jimi Henrix, Michael Jackson and many more. But even if the dose I had taken wasn't high enough to kill me, the fact that it sedated me could have had severe repurcussions if, say, I had been laying on my back and was sick. Let's also not forget that sometimes the ill effects of bad decisions aren't always immediate: past health misdeeds can come back to bite us in the long-term.

I'm hoping that there will be more dialogue about "every day" people who have died or become very sick from an accidental overdose or mixing drugs. It happens at every level of society and is frankly too big of an issue to ignore. What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. I read something similar only the other day it's quite scary to think that something in our bathroom cabinet could actually kill us but it's also sad to think that some people take this knowing the consequences but see no other way out. I'm big believer in positive thinking and I actually think that alot of the medication we have these days is wrongly prescribed and sometimes not even needed xx


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