Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I rarely wear nail polish on my fingers. It never seems to set, I always end up smudging it and chips start to appear within hours. I just can't be bothered with it. Plus, I always feel I look strange when I have colour on my nails. I've been seeing a lot of bloggers with really tidy looking manicures in bold reds and it's so damn attractive and puts my hands to shame. I am in love with this quick drying shade from Rimmel (I have been using Rimmel reds on my toes for years) and have decided this will be my colour this summer. I'll have to abstain from coloured polishes until the wedding because I don't want yellow nails but after that it'll be game on! (Can't believe I even said game on, but worse would have been if I said "moll" or "mole" at the end. Blergh.) Anyway, what's your FAVOURITE nail colour right now? I've been buying lots of "bridal" pinks and beiges from OPI and still haven't decided on one for the big day. I realised that I've accidentally bought "Bubble Bath" twice, so maybe that's a sign?

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