Monday, September 30, 2013


As you'll know from my last post, on Saturday morning we had the pleasure of lazing around on our new outdoor setting while we read the papers. One article that stood out for me was a feature with Jackie Collins. I had never taken much of an interest in her before but quite enjoyed reading all about her. She was (and still is) a gorgeous lady. She seemed to possess good family values and had a few sensible ideas about marriage, monogamy and so forth. She also mentioned something about not wearing leopard print, that it was "tacky", if I remember correctly. I used to be in her camp on that one, until I bought this blouse from Portmans a few years ago. It was warm enough to dig it out again on Saturday.

We trekked down to Orson & Blake to try and find a pair of bedside tables we had seen on their website. They weren't in stock so we had a bit of a nose around the store. Now that it's heating up outside, I'm drawn to everything bright and colourful. I don't remember ever having the seasons dictate my colour preferences like this.

Another colour-filled place we sometimes visit is Bather's Pavilion at Balmoral Beach.

It's probably strange/disappointing to see a blogger visit a cafe and only order one item from the menu but that's what I did. Let's face it, my waistline can't get away with entree/main/dessert too often. I had the chicken breast with parsnips, leeks and the most incredible gnocchi pieces. James had the pork belly, which was on the specials menu. We were both full and our tastebuds happy.

We hadn't brought our swimming costumes but a walk along the beachfront is the next best thing after actually swimming and getting beached.

 After having our fill of sun for the day, we went home to laze around in the shade with the rest of the family.


  1. I don't agree on the leopard print, I LOVE leopard print!! all print really!

    Outdoor setting looks amazing x

  2. Anna love, i love all of your photos but i think that outdoor photos of you both and your babys just wow love them!xxx

    1. D thank you so much my gorgeous friend. I was so happy when I read this. You are so kind. Not long til the weekend - can't wait to see you!!! xoxoxo


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