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I'm always proud to see an Aussie making a go of things in New York. Or any other city in the world, for that matter. It takes guts and a lot of preparation to leave our isolated shores even for a holiday, let alone for months or even years. But that is precisely what Ashleigh D'Mello has done and I take my hat off to her for making it happen! I first discovered her fashion blog Poison in a Beautiful Bottle while she was still a uni student living in WA. Fast forward a couple of years and she's swapped the sandy beaches of Perth for the proverbial Concrete Jungle (where dreams are maaaade), New York City. With model looks (she puts me in mind of Olivia Palermo and Penelope Cruz), splendid sartorial tastes and brains to match, if anyone's going to make it in New York, it's this girl. 

Favourite coffee/dining/drinking/dancing establishments in The Big Apple? 
Coffee: Toby's Estate in Williamsburg. Australian coffee at it's finest - American's have NO idea how to do good coffee, or coffee in general really!
Dining: I feel like the worst person for answering this question this way, but if I could eat Shake Shack for dinner every night of my life, I would...
Drinking: La Esquina is one of my favorite places for both a drink and dinner. You have to go through the kitchen and down stairs to get to the bar area, it's awesome! I'm also a sucker for a good dive bar, you can never go wrong with any dive bar in this city! Oh, and rooftop bars! One of my favorite rooftop bars is Berry Park in Williamsburg - such a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.
Dancing: Self proclaimed worst dancer EVER! I usually try to keep my dancing to my apartment, but if you're looking for a good night out, hit up anywhere in the Meatpacking District - go to The Standard!
Current Beauty Favourites?

Lip Colour - I'm the worst when it comes to make up products - I wear minimal make up so I never really factor in a lip color! I terms of lip products though, I'm a fan of a good lip plumping gloss. 
Nail Colour - Baby's Breath by Essie - currently obsessed. 
Hair Product: All I need forever and ever is Moroccan Oil!
Skin Product - I've always been a lover of Clinique moisturiser. My mother brought me up using it and it's always been so good for my skin. 
Fragrance - Marc Jacobs Dot. 

What's something we would be surprised to know about you? 
I never really know how to answer this question! I guess people are surprised when they find out I have a Law degree (it still surprises me, to be honest!)
What does your typical day look like? 

I work 5 days a week so my days are pretty unexciting! A usual working day consists of a mini sleep in (the working day starts a little later in New York... not going to complain about that one), some morning news programs, swinging by my local coffee shop (Toby's Estate) for my morning coffee, then jumping on the subway to go to work. I usually finish work around 7, then it's on the subway back to my apartment where I'll cook dinner and either crash on the couch or go out for dinner/drinks with friends! My weekends are a lot more fun than that, usually doing some shopping, hanging out with friends, running errands and exploring this incredible city.

Tips for first-time visitors to NYC? 
Definitely try and live the life of a 'local'. Do all the touristy things, but definitely do your research and speak to people who live here and get some pointers on things to do that are lesser known with tourists but the most amazing. This city has so many hidden gems that you only discover after being here a long time, so you need someone to point you in their direction! Also, don't stay in a hotel, rent an apartment through Airbnb or Craigslist - it gives you a much more authentic New York experience!

 Be sure to visit Ashleigh's blog here and follow her on instagram @ashleighdmello

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