Saturday, October 5, 2013


First of all, I must apologise for the lateness of this post. It's still Friday somewhere in the world though! It's now just over a month until the big day and we're about to start a bit of a renovation in the house so things have been a wee bit hectic for us. Anyway, back to the point of today's post...

I was scrolling through instagram when I first stumbled across Rozalia Russian. Her feed was utter eye candy. Not only does she possess uniquely stunning looks (with legs for days, I might add), she also has incredible personal style, reflected in her envy-inducing wardrobe and her home's luxe interiors. She and husband Nick are arguably Melbourne's hottest couple, and not just because of their model looks, either. Rozalia has some 28,000 instagram followers, a wildly successful blog and Nick's the man behind uber-trendy Melbourne nightspot, Eve. It's exciting times for the in-demand couple: they were married last year (she was captivating in J'Aton) and will shortly welcome their first baby into the world. Naturally, Rozalia's pregnancy style is out of this world and already the tot, commonly known as Baby Russian, has accumulated her fair share of designer duds. I was lucky enough to do a quick Q&A with the gorgeous Rozalia. 

What's something people frequently observe about you?
When people see me in person, they always comment on my freckles across my cheekbones!
In photos and when I have to wear heavy make up you can't notice them, but in person you always see them!
It was actually the first thing my husband commented on when he saw me without make up for the first time!
I remember going to see a dermatologist and they were trying to convince me to have them lasered off, but I love my freckles and you don't see too many people with them.

A film about your life: Who would you ask to play you and why?

Ashley Olsen. Not that I think we look anything alike (haha) but she has an amazing sense of style and being the main character she would have a say in the wardrobe!
Her style is so laid back chic and would love to raid her wardrobe!

Current obsessions?

Chai Latte - I wake up in the morning craving a Chai Latte. I never drank them before being pregnant but now I can't get enough

Mens Perfume - Since being pregnant sweet smells make me sick. This includes perfumes. I have always loved mens fragrances and even more so now I find myself stealing my husbands scent.

Massages - I can get enough! My belly is so big that my back gets really sore. I get a pregnancy massage every 2 weeks and have noticed a huge difference!

Champagne - I haven't had a single drink since being pregnant and find myself drooling over champagne! When I am around people who are drinking it I'm a weirdo and sniff it! 4 weeks till I can have a glass and I am super excited!

Flowers - I will always be obsessed with having flowers in my house. I love going to the market and buying beautiful blooms each week. I think a house with flowers looks like a 'loved/lived- in' house. 
Having greenery around the home makes me happy and adds warmth to my house.

"Best 24 Hours Ever" - What would your plans be?

The best 24 hours would definitely be my wedding day/night and I would do anything to do it all over again!
Everyone said to me before that your wedding day goes by so quick and its true.
I was so relaxed and honestly had the best time. It was perfect.

Pet peeves?

Bad manners. It's not very hard to say "please, thank you, excuse me"
As soon as I meet someone with bad manners it completely puts me off the person.

Thank you so much for your time, Rozalia!
Isn't she just gorgeous, people?  Be sure to follow Rozalia on instagram here and visit her blog here.


  1. I love her instagram!! So many gorgeous outfits & holiday spots x

    1. Hehe yes it's one of my favourite accounts on insta


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