Tuesday, October 1, 2013


If there's one thing that I can count on to make me feel sane, healthy, balanced and cheerful it's a good long walk. I've been going on tremendously long walks for as long as I can remember. From primary school right through to high school, my best friend Emily and I used to basically just walk and talk all day long on weekends. We shared all our secrets with each other. We dreamt big and let our imaginations run wild. At one point, we used to go on walks to collect "evidence" in ziplock bags so we could solve what we perceived as likely criminal or supernatural mysteries. In our minds, our streets were full of secrets and scandals. I mean, how could someone explain away a discarded book, a curious pile of tin lids or a piece of clothing? To us, a discarded book could have been the result of an abduction, the book falling from the victim's hands or backpack as they were whisked off the pavement and into a car. The tin lids, as I recall, we thought had something to do with aliens because printed on one of the tins was what looked like the letters UFO. A pair of underwear in a field? Sex crime. For sure. Into a bag each piece of evidence went, a unique case name issued to each of them. Despite such wild imaginations, our case names weren't too inspired - "The Case of the [insert name of item here]" was how it always went.

Nowadays, I don't go about solving crimes but I have kept the walking up. It's the only form of exercise I don't get bored or unmotivated about doing. During the week, I walk with my thoughts, my iPod and sometimes the dogs. It's a cure for every ail. I don't (touch wood) have pudendal neuralgia symptoms when I walk. My energy increases. My mind declutters. And, of course, it keeps me trim and functioning properly. I take James along with me on weekends and usually it looks a little something like this:

^^Can everyone take a moment to admire James' new haircut? He's been going to Just Cuts since time began and, as some of you may know, it's a no-bookings, first come, first served sort of place. Before he got it cut, he wondered whether, if he turned up to the hairdresser and they saw his hair, they would immediately recognise the situation was "critical"(his words) and advance him to the front of the queue, like in emergency wards in a hospital^^
 ^^A bit Slim Aarons, no? Sometimes Sydney reminds me of the South of France^^

Now that's French.

There she is.

Not too shabby, eh? You barely even notice how far you've walked when you're in good company or surrounded by such breathtaking scenery. What about you? Do you think long walks are just for oldies and romantics or do you find it totally necessary and completely underrated?


  1. I love walks, esp long ones! Because most the river circuits near me are 9km's minimum, I usually go for 9-11km's with friends on weekends. Best form of catch up :)

    1. Good distance Anna!!! I wish I had more friends living closer so I could do walking dates. One friend lived in the same building as me when I lived in Melb and we would always go walks and talks. I miss it.


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