Friday, November 29, 2013


Now that life has resumed its normal pace, I can finally resurrect the Friday Five. This week I'm excited to introduce you to the incredible Lauryn Evarts, blogger behind The Skinny Confidential. Lauryn is a stand-out for me when it comes to healthy living blogs. She's all about balance, and doesn't buy in to the whole fad-dieting, starvation and thinness message that so many of us get caught up in. She'll tell you (like a best girlfriend) that there's no logical reason you should be filling your body with nasties and always, always offers you a clean and healthy alternative to your favourite junk foods and alcoholic beverages. A wealth of health information, Lauryn isn't afraid to show you what really goes in to having a smokin' (and healthy) body. As well as being a successful blogger, Lauryn's got a pretty enviable skillset. This wonder woman holds a Broadcast degree from SDSU and Real Estate License, worked as a model (she's a hottie), is a qualified teacher of Pure Barre and Pilates, and guest blogs over at Guiliana Rancic's website Fab Fit Fun. Most recently, Lauryn started up Blog Doo, a kick-arse website makeover service for bloggers. She's absolutely unstoppable! Please, make her feel welcome, folks!

What's something people frequently say/observe about you? 

That I'm opinionated, outgoing, & never stop working (aka I never get off my e-mail/phone/computer). I also love my dog more than life (people always tell me I'm obsessed) 

A film about your life: Who would you ask to play you and why? 

Probably Amber Heard...because she's so hot I would want to meet her. I'd also like how she is out of the limelight (well, at least more than other actresses). She has a lot of mystery too, which I find intriguing

5 songs to feature on "The Soundtrack to your Life": 

Definitely 'Figure 8' by Ellie Goulding ;  'Free Bird' by Lynyrd Skynyrd ; 'Wheel' by John Mayer ; 'Help me Lose my Mind' by Disclosure ; and 'Werk Bitch' by Britney Spears

"Best 24 Hours Ever": What would your plans be?

Sleep in, green juice, workout, read, chips, salsa, a margarita, read some more, hang out with my dog and boyfriend...heaven! Also, I love posting on the blog- so I wouldn't mind that either

Finish this sentence: "It is perfectly OK to…"

...Take a few days off from responsibility and go on a bad-ass vacation...and not feel guilty! 

She's awesome! I love that she too is crazy obsessed with her dog - Chihuahua Power!
Find Lauryn at:

Thursday, November 28, 2013


... To borrow a line from a Pulp song because I am one big fan of theirs. You know, when James and I first got together I told him all about how much I liked Pulp music and how at one certain time in my life I used to listen to their songs over and over and that they spoke so loudly to me. I told him I wish I could have seen Pulp in concert in my lifetime but sadly, that would never happen because now the lead singer (Jarvis Cocker) was out doing his own thing and had been for some time. Coincidentally (or, rather, fatefully), we were driving to the shops one day and there it was. A concert poster stuck to the side of a lamppost telling us that one of the best Britpop bands had decided to come together again and would be playing right here in Olde Sydney Towne. Of course, we went. And James started to really love Pulp too and I know for a fact that to this day they are one of the most listened-to bands on his iPod. Anyway, I digress. I actually came here to show you the state of our Christmas tree. I've jazzed it up a bit with new baubles from Papaya and I think it looks cracking. What do you think? Pretty effective for such a twiggy (like Jarvis Cocker himself) and simple (not like Jarvis) tree.


It is nearly impossible to wake up on the wrong side of bed when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the view from your pillow is this:

It kind of makes you understand why, when the going gets rough, couples tend to take a holiday! I don't underestimate the power of nature and a bit of peace and quiet in helping people jettison the stress they've accumulated and - at the risk of sounding cliched - recharge the ol' batteries. A day at Qualia started out much the same each day we were there. We'd take our time waking up and then slowly make our way to breakfast at the Long Pavilion. While the breakfast was absolutely incredible, I was mostly there for the view...

Happy Camper.

The only time we didn't wake up and plod along to breakast was the morning we played golf. To get to Hamilton Island Golf Club, you have to take a short ferry ride to Dent Island. There's nothing on that island but the golf course and clubhouse and it is one of the most spectacular courses I've ever seen. While I was impressed by the stunning vistas, James was impressed by my golf game. You do know I'm serious, don't you?

When we weren't golfing, you could usually find us at the beach:

Oops. Beach:

That photo was taken at Whitehaven, where the white sands stretch for over seven kilometres and the waters are crystal clear. We caught the ferry over and spent a few hours there one day. While the water was incredibly enticing, we couldn't swim in it because of these stinging nasties:

Instead, we lathered ourselves in sunscreen (believe me, without it you'd end up a blistering mess)

... and behaved like newlyweds

I started reading Tamara Mellon's bio, which I ditched halfway through for Jonathan Dee's latest novel. Suprisingly, James picked up Miss Mellon's book and read it from cover to cover, I think the business elements might have interested him. I'll pick it back up later, for sure.

Speaking of picking things up later... I'm going to go out and enjoy this wonderful weather just now but  I'll be back later to fill you in on the rest of our time away. Are any of you making travel plans just now? Or been anywhere special lately? 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I'm going to skip blogging about the wedding day for now because I don't yet have my official photographs back. As soon as I do, they'll be up here right away! So, it's straight to the honeymoon, folks. Let's start with us flying in to paradise:

The flight wasn't so bad for me this time round. I had my usual couple of glasses of wine to calm my nerves but I think the excitement of having some of my favourite people on the plane took away from any fear. My friend was getting married on the island but we had no idea we'd be on the same flight in! We squealed and got terribly excited about the run-in, which probably annoyed other passengers but I'm sure they'd have done the same had they been in our shoes.

After touching down, we were welcomed at the airport by Qualia staff who would take care of our bags while we just worried about getting into the air-conditioned van that awaited us. A short drive later and we arrived at the resort, welcomed with my favourite view in the world (and a glass of champagne!)

Let's have a look around...

Should I become a lottery winner, I think I'd funnel some of my winnings into construction of a library such as this one, albeit brimming with fiction.

Now for the best bit: Our villa!

Soon after these champagnes were poured, we conked out on the daybed. When we came to, we had just enough time to cruise around the resort (on our golf buggy - the primary mode of transport on Hamilton Island) before the sky turned dark.

When we got back to our villa, we were greeted with a wee reminder that WE'D JUST GOTTEN MARRIED! Even now it's surreal to us - in the best way possible, of course.

...Stay tuned for part two!