Friday, November 29, 2013


Now that life has resumed its normal pace, I can finally resurrect the Friday Five. This week I'm excited to introduce you to the incredible Lauryn Evarts, blogger behind The Skinny Confidential. Lauryn is a stand-out for me when it comes to healthy living blogs. She's all about balance, and doesn't buy in to the whole fad-dieting, starvation and thinness message that so many of us get caught up in. She'll tell you (like a best girlfriend) that there's no logical reason you should be filling your body with nasties and always, always offers you a clean and healthy alternative to your favourite junk foods and alcoholic beverages. A wealth of health information, Lauryn isn't afraid to show you what really goes in to having a smokin' (and healthy) body. As well as being a successful blogger, Lauryn's got a pretty enviable skillset. This wonder woman holds a Broadcast degree from SDSU and Real Estate License, worked as a model (she's a hottie), is a qualified teacher of Pure Barre and Pilates, and guest blogs over at Guiliana Rancic's website Fab Fit Fun. Most recently, Lauryn started up Blog Doo, a kick-arse website makeover service for bloggers. She's absolutely unstoppable! Please, make her feel welcome, folks!

What's something people frequently say/observe about you? 

That I'm opinionated, outgoing, & never stop working (aka I never get off my e-mail/phone/computer). I also love my dog more than life (people always tell me I'm obsessed) 

A film about your life: Who would you ask to play you and why? 

Probably Amber Heard...because she's so hot I would want to meet her. I'd also like how she is out of the limelight (well, at least more than other actresses). She has a lot of mystery too, which I find intriguing

5 songs to feature on "The Soundtrack to your Life": 

Definitely 'Figure 8' by Ellie Goulding ;  'Free Bird' by Lynyrd Skynyrd ; 'Wheel' by John Mayer ; 'Help me Lose my Mind' by Disclosure ; and 'Werk Bitch' by Britney Spears

"Best 24 Hours Ever": What would your plans be?

Sleep in, green juice, workout, read, chips, salsa, a margarita, read some more, hang out with my dog and boyfriend...heaven! Also, I love posting on the blog- so I wouldn't mind that either

Finish this sentence: "It is perfectly OK to…"

...Take a few days off from responsibility and go on a bad-ass vacation...and not feel guilty! 

She's awesome! I love that she too is crazy obsessed with her dog - Chihuahua Power!
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