Thursday, November 28, 2013


... To borrow a line from a Pulp song because I am one big fan of theirs. You know, when James and I first got together I told him all about how much I liked Pulp music and how at one certain time in my life I used to listen to their songs over and over and that they spoke so loudly to me. I told him I wish I could have seen Pulp in concert in my lifetime but sadly, that would never happen because now the lead singer (Jarvis Cocker) was out doing his own thing and had been for some time. Coincidentally (or, rather, fatefully), we were driving to the shops one day and there it was. A concert poster stuck to the side of a lamppost telling us that one of the best Britpop bands had decided to come together again and would be playing right here in Olde Sydney Towne. Of course, we went. And James started to really love Pulp too and I know for a fact that to this day they are one of the most listened-to bands on his iPod. Anyway, I digress. I actually came here to show you the state of our Christmas tree. I've jazzed it up a bit with new baubles from Papaya and I think it looks cracking. What do you think? Pretty effective for such a twiggy (like Jarvis Cocker himself) and simple (not like Jarvis) tree.

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