Monday, November 18, 2013


As our reception was to be held at The Park Hyatt Sydney, we would be staying there on the night of the wedding. Rachel and I also had the pleasure of staying there the night before, which was truly special as we had not spent any time just the two of us alone like that in a long time. With the Opera House as backdrop, we enjoyed exceptional service (and a good dose of luxury) as we had sisterly bonding time and prepared ourselves for the following day. I had a few last-minute things to do, such as finalising my speech and prepping our hair but other than that, our only job was to relax and enjoy our night away - the very first time James and I had slept apart since moving in together a couple of years ago. I think we did a mighty good job of it, having a laugh and a couple of glasses of bubbly with my closest girlfriends before they wished me well and left Rach and I to enjoy the hotel and attempt to get some beauty sleep!

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