Monday, December 9, 2013


Do you do this? You drag and drop onto your desktop inspiring images you find online so you always have them? I've been looking through them this morning and found two gorgeous homes I had fallen in love with. Both of these were from property websites and as far as I know have both found their lucky owners! First up, I'd like you to meet the most gorgeous NSW property I've ever seen. If I won the lottery, this is one property I would love to spend some of my winnings on:

This next property is one my sister alerted me to. It's a semi-rural dwelling in Victoria and the home she'd choose to live in, should the lottery gods deem her numbers the right ones. I have to say, it is a charmer!

What do you think of these two? What does your dream property look like? If you've got a link, share it below!


  1. oooooh love both choices!

    mine three favourites are:


    & if you have Pinterest, you can see all my house boards :P a little obsessed with houses!

    1. They are all soooooo nice. I love the first and third best of all but that second one has a great "warm" feeling to it, which is one of the biggest pulls for me with a home. I am going to follow your pins now!!!


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