Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I've always loved wood flooring but I don't really like it in my bedroom. Not that it doesn't look nice, it's just that dust and hair and whatever else seems to show up more than on carpet. And if I'm not vacuuming every second day, I'm winding up with stuff all over the bottom of my feet, which I don't particularly love. Now that our bedroom is carpeted, the space feels a lot more luxurious and it's so nice to wake up and step onto its soft and bouncy surface. The room looks completely transformed. Somehow, the carpet makes everything a whole lot more harmonious where before I felt the furniture pieces clashed against the stained flooring and each other.
We've still got the old wallpaper on the wardrobe door, which we'll be saying goodbye to once we find an appropriate replacement. I haven't hung any pictures either, so the room is still somewhat of a blank canvas. You'll also notice that we have no curtains. This drives me mad for only one reason: Every day this summer, I have woken up drenched in my own sweat hours before I intended on rising for the day. It seems our windows are actually gigantic magnifying glasses for the sun's rays (and we are the little ants that get fried). I accept that this is my own fault because I insisted on tearing down and disposing of the old curtains as soon as we moved in. Here's a before (from when we first moved in) and after the paint and carpet:

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