Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hey everyone! I haven't been on the blog so much these days - I can't seem to find the motivation to put a post together. I've got loads of pictures on memory cards but then when I click "new post" in blogger, I feel like it's the last thing I can be bothered doing and I simply shut the computer down. This isn't really a bad thing; it gives me more time to focus on the people around me, for one. My routine has had a little shake up too: I took up tennis after a long time away from the game. I'm no hotshot, not at all, but I get a massive thrill out of playing and enjoy seeing myself improve. I've played three times in the past week and even have a court hired for late tonight. If you're after a full body workout that's incredibly fun, tennis is just the thing - though my right forearm could do with a massage today!

I thought I'd share with you a brilliant night James and I shared recently. I had never been to the OpenAir Cinema before but had heard only good things about it. I tried to get tickets in the past but they had sold out way ahead of time, and you'll understand why once you go there. You turn up a couple of hours early, before the sun sets, and are greeted with one of the best views Sydney has to offer. The place is bustling with people but, contrary to what I had imagined, getting a drink (I had a few lovely cocktails) and a delicious meal from the vast menu doesn't take long at all. Don't you just love when you get your money's worth? Quality and efficiency at an event that attracts a lot of people is such an awesome surprise! As the sun sets and you're suitably stuffed, up comes the screen and the feature begins. We watched The Railway Man, which was rather good, but you could put the evening news up on that screen and I'd still think it was the most marvellous thing in the world. Taking in a film and every so often being able to glance beside the screen and see the shimmering harbour, city lights and the incredible structures that are the Opera and Harbour Bridge is something quite special indeed. I hope you manage to get there someday - you might find tickets have sold out online but I hear if you get in early enough you can snag some at the door. Here's the link.

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