Monday, January 13, 2014


Though we live close to the stunning bays and beaches of the east, this weekend we were feeling a little more adventurous, packing our things and heading out in the early morning to secure ourselves a spot at Wattamolla Beach, south of Sydney in the Royal National Park. You can take your pick of open beach or lagoon - the latter is favoured, with many daring young folk leaping into it from the cliff face above. We set up a spot in the shade and read the weekend newspapers but by lunchtime, we reluctantly left - we hadn't brought anything to sustain us. All around us, people were cooking on portable BBQ's, enough food and drink to last the day. I'll be taking their lead next time. If you want to see this place for yourself, be sure to turn up early, before 11 if you can (bring food, books, a deck of cards, whatever). Any time after that and you'll be fighting a losing battle for a car space, if they haven't closed off entry, that is.

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