Thursday, February 20, 2014

28 BEFORE 28

This August, I will be 28 years old. To me, that sentence reads dramatically, like in the scene in Atonement where Briony reads the infamous letter and the "C" word hits her like a tonne of bricks.
It isn't really the getting older part that I'm afraid of. Kind of contrary to that, actually. I'm afraid of not living long enough and taking my time on the planet for granted, hence why I have decided to do a few things I haven't done before. Rather than being a bucket list (I won't be able to travel the world right this second), this is more or less a pledge to do all the things I've been saying for years that I'd like to try or learn. So, here it is. My 28 before 28:

1. Watch more sunrises and sunsets
2. Swim in the ocean
3. Make a raw vegan cheesecake
4. Go to a nudist beach
5. Seek out therapy for my fear of flying
6. Spend hours getting pampered at a day spa
7. Run 5km
8. Attend a meditation class
9. Learn how to cook fish confidently
10. Have tasteful lingerie photographs taken
11. Head to the country for a weekend
12. Watch 5 classic films
13. Volunteer my time/skills
14. Learn how to make impressive cocktails
15. Attend a psychic reading
16. Master the art of false eyelash application
17. Do a juice cleanse
18. Make my own organic bath and beauty products
19. Attend a lecture for fun/interest
20. Learn the manual settings on my camera
21. Attend laughter yoga 
22. Read Wuthering Heights 
23. Brave the rain and go for big cross-city walks
24. See a film by myself
25. Surprise my husband often
26. Attend more concerts
27. Enjoy dinners with a view
28. Play 18 holes of golf with James

Hopefully I'll be able to regale you with tales of these experiences very soon! Wish me luck!


  1. Babe we can so do number 6 and 15 when we come up in April! Have wanted to for the longest time! Also, possibly 4 (I shall not participate however, merely be an observer hehe), 16, 18 and 21!
    Love R xxx

  2. 28…. such a wonderful age. Still young and full of energy but a little bit older and wiser too. Love your list! I also want to do a juice cleanse this year an I only just learnt how to confidently cook fish recently. I often watch the sun rise as I'm up early with my two little ones and it's such a beautiful way to start the day. Love your blog. Ps. Are you a Virgo? A x x


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