Sunday, February 2, 2014


I'm not one for "favourite" things. I think I've said that here before. Ask me my favourite colour, favourite holiday destination, favourite perfume, or anything else and you'll probably regret you did. I'd end up rambling about the benefits of half a dozen things, umming and ahhing and wasting your precious time before deciding that, like I've been saying all along, I just can't pick only one thing that I enjoy more than anything else. It is strange that I say this because whenever the subject of dessert comes up, I think I could safely say that banoffee pie might just be my favourite. These days I'm a gluten and dairy free zone so banoffee is kind of out of the question. In a half-hearted search for alternatives, I found this recipe from Gluten Free Vegan Girl. I was skeptical at first - after all, banoffee is almost exclusively dairy and gluten -  how could a raw vegan version possibly compare? It looked too good not to try and, after following the recipe to a T (though I used dark chocolate on top in place of cacao), I found it to be bleeping incredible! Clearly worth publishing on here and definitely worth making again and again. We actually ate massive slices for breakfast this morning, groaning and wondering how on earth just 6 or 7 really healthy ingredients could make something that tasted so good! I highly recommend you bookmark this recipe (here's the link again) and try it for yourself!

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