Monday, March 24, 2014


- My dogs are wonderful citizens. I've decided to take Elsa and Poppy to an aged care facility each week. Last friday was our first visit and they were so well-received. Elsa, in particular, made herself at home. She became everyone's lap dog and even hopped into a few people's beds for a cuddle. I was really proud of her and I think the residents loved having them there too, even if Poppy was a bit weird and anti-social that day.

- Do people still think there is a man drought? Our Friday evening pub-hopping in Paddington would say there isn't. Alex (whose gaydar is finely tuned) walked into The London with me. With a wink and  a nudge I drew his attention to the mountains of men that filled the place. He simply said "They're not my kind". So, for the record: single straight men can be found in droves here.

- I need to keep away from food. Specifically chocolate covered pretzels. And McDonalds. And cooked breakfasts. The list goes on. If you saw a running sheet of all I ate this weekend (some of which I've captured above), you'd be shocked. I don't know how it all fit into my stomach. But what I do know is that now I am sporting quite the Carb Face today. This can never happen again.

- I am addicted to reality TV. Just when I thought The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the best reality television program going, I found the Miami franchise. Then I discovered the catty Vancouver crew and thought the holy grail was finally in my hands... But that's only because I hadn't met the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. That girl above is the hilarious Morgan Stewart from RKOBH. I can't get enough of her one-liners. She also has a blog which you can read here.

- Alcohol leads to the dreaded next day depression. This can only be cured by a long, long walk. We walked all the way to Bondi then took the coastal route to Bronte and then home. Isn't it pretty?

- Dallas Buyers Club is a great film. What a comeback from Jared Leto! I also have to add that Matthew McConaughey really delivered too. I already knew he had it in him when I watched Mud and realised that he wasn't just one of those actors who plays himself in every single role. Mr. McConaughey, you need never sign up to another Rom Com as long as you live!


  1. Im soooo in love with the rich kids of BH "im like a teen mom that has to stay home at prom" because dorothy can't go spinning haha, brilliant!

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend :) Love these updates. I recently read somewhere... Getting drunk is just stealing happiness from tomorrow. Urgh so true!

  3. I adore that you take your dogs to visit the elderly! Love your blog x


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