Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I remember seeing the trailer for this film at the cinema and knowing it was the thriller I had been waiting for. Have you too noticed that there just aren't enough really, really meaty thrillers these days? Now, I'm not even sure how it happened (wedding planning?) but the cinema run for Prisoners completely passed me by. When I realised this was the case, I was quite literally (yes, literally) counting down until its Apple TV release. We watched it on Friday night and it's official: this is up there with The Silence of the Lambs. It is long, but it needs to be. There isn't a wasted scene or boring moment in all 153 minutes of this intense and gripping feature. Detective Loki (played by Jake Gylenhaal) is assigned to the case of two young girls who have vanished from their neighbourhood and is now my favourite film character ever. The rest of the cast are equally impressive. Who knew Hugh Jackman was capable of playing so convincingly the part of a grief-stricken, vengeful father? And why oh why is Maria Bello such an underrated actress? I'm not going to give anything more away; just trust me when I say: you simply must see this film.

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