Monday, March 3, 2014


On Saturday, James and I travelled up the coast to help our friend celebrate his birthday. It was actually one of the best gatherings I have had in a long time, for a few reasons which I will discuss forthwith!

We walked into the home after our drive through the rain, the curtains were drawn, candles were lit and the whole ambience felt so warm and inviting. I love the feeling of going inside somewhere (like a cinema or casino) and not having any idea what is happening outside - if it's still light, if the weather's any good... Anyway, it felt genius to have your own party feel that way too.
And then there's the fact that our friends are just the greatest people ever and manage to attract the most fantastically lovely friends. So, whenever there's a get together, it's a wonderful explosion of warmth, honesty and great conversation. But, a party isn't a party unless there's a feast! Every counter was decorated with incredible homemade food and treats and I could safely hibernate for the week after my intake. The icing on the cake (and such a "why didn't I think of that?") was the attendance of a tarot card and palm reader. Oh yes. When it was my turn to have my reading, I was really nervous. I knew if she told me something I didn't like, I'd never be able to simply dismiss it. But the curiosity was too much and so I took a swig of my wine and made my way down the hallway and into the room they had set up for her. Here is what she told me:

- You can be emotionally detached (TRUE)
- You would be suited to running your own business (I do prefer working for myself, so... true? )
- You are very organised (FALSE - but only those very close to me know this. The results of my efforts will look like I must be an organised and anal person, but really I am the exact opposite of this person)
- You have four "marriage lines" in your palm (WHAT. THE... I pressed her for what this meant. I didn't get a clear explanation. But I have chosen to interpret it as that I have lived with four different men, including my now-husband who is the first and only man I will ever marry. OK? OK.
- Your husband is very much a strategist (TRUE. When I told him this he said "yes, I'd have to be a strategist to get you to agree to marry me." Smooth.)
- You will purchase property in the next three months (Highly Doubtful)
- You have a Writer's Fork and Will Write (I googled Writer's Fork and it explained that those with this physical distinction have a flair for non-fiction and technical writing. If you must know, I am actually writing a fictional novel as we speak and can't imagine crossing over to non-fiction. And technical writing is 100% not my forte... false?)
- Your health issues will resolve by your 40's (Stay tuned...)
- You will have three children (I wonder if the Chihuahuas count as two? I hope not but, again, I'll keep you posted)

Things she didn't mention: how long I would live. I actually didn't think of it while I was in there, but I discovered she had told a few of the others that they would have looooooong lives. Why did she mention nothing of mine? Should I be concerned?

Anyway, once those who had put their hands up had had their individual readings, she had the party congregate in the living room for a group tarot session. She explained all about tarot and then spread out the cards on the coffee table and instructed us to approach the cards and then move our hands over them until we found a card that gave us a warm or cold or tingly sensation. Now, I wasn't actually expecting to feel anything when I did what she told me to do but strangely I did feel a cold sensation when I hovered over the cards. I may have been a little too tipsy to realise which card was emitting the frost, but I was drawn to one card and picked it up:

Our job was to think about what that card meant to us and she would tell us what it actually meant. All I could see was myself: confused about what decisions to make for the future. My head sounds like this these days: Should I wait til I get better to start trying for a baby? Silly, this disorder is so hard to treat, you may never get better! But what if pregnancy makes me worse? And then what if I resent the baby? Or I'm not physically able to care for it? But I want children so badly... And on it goes. Of course, when it came time for me to share publicly how I felt my card related to me, I spoke generally and said that I felt the girl in the card was like myself, indecisive, unsure, worried. And do you know what she told me? That the cards were telling me to rest, relax, take time out. I have since looked up the full meaning of the card and it really resonated with me:

"The Four of Swords is a reminder that after every crisis and before every new challenge, there is always a time of relaxation and contemplation. Constant stress and tension will break even the hardest and most resilient of people but brief periods of rest enable you to refresh your energy, concentration and focus, ready for the next challenge. These rests should be used wisely, to heal the body and ready the mind."

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