Thursday, May 22, 2014


^^ Theorising, perhaps? Sorry to my brother Josh for the bad angle, didn't have a better "illustrative" pic handy^^

Want to know a phrase that really excites me in a social situation? It's music to my ears when someone pipes up with something along the lines of "It's interesting you mention [insert absolutely any topic here], I have a bit of theory on that..." I don't care if it's the wildest conspiracy or established fact: theories, and entertaining them, is so much fun for me.

My father-in-law, for instance, is a wealth of information on a Myers Briggs personality theory. I never tire of hearing his theory on people's types. Especially mine, because we can't quite figure it out and debate it often. Another friend knows innumerable conspiracy theories. They sound crazy at first, then I hear her out, start to see how they might be possible, and then get so spooked I can't sleep that night. And then there's my sister who could quite literally be mistaken for a psychologist. "There's a theory that..." she will start, and outline how said theory might be an explanation for why someone is the way they are. If I ever have an issue with someone, I know she will be able to explain where their actions come from, with a wealth of behavioural theory to back it up.

A more trivial, but still as fun theory was one I read that said men generally fall for women who have the the opposite in general eye colouring to the male's mother. I thought about everyone I knew and, in most cases, the theory applied to them. If I mentioned it to other people, they too brainstormed and realised that most men they knew had indeed ended up with a woman whose eye colour was the opposite to the man's mother.

My brother is one of those people who always has a fun and wacky theory to share. I called him today for input into this post but, put on the spot like that made it difficult for him to think of anything. He called me later on and I asked him "got any weird theories for me yet?" He said he needed clarification and I told him it could be anything. "Think of something weird," I said, "like how people choose dogs that look like them. Maybe you have a theory on cat owners - maybe cat owners are less into human interaction than dog owners or something?"
"I've got one, I've got one!" 
"Yes?" I replied. 
"OK, think that there's no such thing as a cat owner who just likes their cats. You never hear a cat owner say: 'Yeah, cats are OK, I like them'. They call themselves a cat lover, tell you how they're completely cat-obsessed, love cats more than they love people, that kind of thing". 
I thought of cat owners I knew. My neighbours, a middle-aged couple, have one. When we first moved in the wife told us they were so happy that the prior owners and their disruptive crying baby had moved out. "We thought we finally had some peace and quiet. And then," she hissed, "you two moved in with those yapping dogs". An extreme example (most cat owners I know love cats and humans) but enough to tell him that yes, he miiiiiiight just be on to something...

What about you? Love a good theory? Got a weird one of your own you love to have a good chat about? Tell me, you know I want to hear it!


  1. THEORY:
    1. We are part of a larger life-form each with a specific role (similar to cells in our body)
    2. The world has a way of correcting itself no matter how we change it (state of equilibrium)

    PS - your Myers Brigg personality is definitely INFJ (

    1. Very worthy and interesting theories - you might be onto something.

      And as for my Myers Briggs: I think you might just be right. But the real question is HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT? If you gathered that from the blog, then you might well be one of my most perceptive readers ever.

      Anna x

  2. Of course I am right and no, I did not work that out from your blog. Unfortunately I am not "one of your most perceptive readers ever". Perhaps your mum has that title? It says in the INFJ profile only one percent of the population has this personality type. That makes you unique as well as obviously beautiful, intelligent and perceptive. And the profile says you are usually right. So you can answer your own question. Most of all you are great at making people smile or laugh, whether in your blog or in life.A very special person indeed. Keep up the great work.



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