Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I've been told before that I have too many perfumes. I actually believed this for a while. I stopped buying them, gave the lesser used bottles away, and generally thought of myself as "reformed" (relative to most, anyway). After many trips to the department store sampling fragrances, falling in love, and walking away empty handed, I got to thinking: what is so concerning about being a perfume lover? Is it really so bad to amass a collection of stunning scents to suit various occasions and moods? I compiled a mental list of Worse Habits Than Perfumes and it didn't take me long before I realised all of this perfume policing was completely ridiculous and ought to stop. And that's when I hopped online and snapped up the most recent fragrances I had fallen for, two lovely Chloe masterpieces that were both unlike anything I had ever worn in the past. In fact, I had originally disliked the Chloe eau de parfum until I smelt it on my future sister-in-law Reggie when she came to stay recently. They do always say that perfume smells different on a card at the shops than it does on human skin, don't they? I rushed to the shops to sample it on myself, and gave a little spray of SeebyChloe while I was at it. Big mistake or Best Thing I Ever Did, depending on which way you look at it. I fell in love fast and hard. Choosing between the two was going to be too difficult for this Master of Indecision and so I did what I usually end up doing and ordered both.

Chloe is a departure from my usual fragrances. I once read that you can tell someone's star sign from the fragrances they wear. I'm a Leo and, looking at my perfumes, I'd have to agree. They're all probably the most powerful (and dare I say attention seeking) in their scent category, from the opulent, dark and sensual Black Orchid (Tom Ford), to the fruity and good enough to eat L'Imperatrice (D&G). I don't normally go for anything rosy or powdery, but Chloe has won me over. It's clean, fresh, sophisticated and best of all, very long-lasting. 

Chloe, to me, is Grace Kelly on her wedding day. See by Chloe is Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Both equally stunning and elegant, but the latter with an urban and flirtatious streak. It's blossomy and sunny and I don't think my other fragrances are going to get a look in for a while!

Speaking of things getting a look in, today is my gorgeous husband's birthday! Happy Birthday to the best husband, best friend, best person I've ever known! I LOVE YOU, JAMES!

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