Friday, June 6, 2014


This happy, smiling, oblivious girl was me mid last year. We had just gotten on the train that would take us from LA to San Francisco. I know James doesn't look excited but he was, he just doesn't know what to do in photos. Shortly after this picture was taken, I started the book I had packed for the trip: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. The photo below is me a few hours later, after turning the last page.

I look like I have seasonal allergies with my blotchy skin, pink eyes and nose, don't I? Well, I suppose I was suffering a sort of allergic reaction that day: TFIOS caused me to sob with such a force, and produce tears of so unprecedented a volume, that my face became the reactive mess you see above. I'm not ashamed to say that a piece of Young Adult fiction caused me to fall apart. I'm also not ashamed to say that I bought tickets and attended the film version yesterday, the day it was released. I can totally wear the fact that we were the oldest people in the cinema except for some parents who were chaperoning their teenage daughter and her friends to the screening. And that I bawled just as much as I did the day I read the book, along with every other person in the cinema. Until then, I had never experienced being in a cinema and hearing almost every member of the audience sob and sniffle. Have you?

If you haven't read the book, don't feel like you must: the film is a fantastic adaptation. And you probably don't need to fall apart emotionally twice, like I did.
Let me know what you thought of TFIOS - have you read it? Seen the film? Both?


  1. I'm assuming someone dies in the book/film so I'm going to avoid it....I like happy movies these days.

  2. I want to see it really badly but given that my preggo hormones cause me to cry at almost anything I am a bit worried I might be a total emotional wreck before the movie even starts!!!


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