Wednesday, June 25, 2014


A very early memory of mine is the time I told my mother I wanted to play the saxophone. I was sitting in the back seat of our station wagon, my mum was driving and her friend was in the front passenger seat. When you're a child, anyone who isn't your immediate family represents an audience you're always seeking to impress. Mum's response to my statement might well have been only to show her friend how darn cute kids could be but it tore me up: "Is it because Lisa Simpson plays the saxophone?" She was totally correct and I was totally embarrassed. As a child, there's little that could be more humiliating than being caught out being a copy-cat. My denial was disproportionate to her question (but totally proportionate to how embarrassed I felt): a loud, obnoxious NO! (and I would be unsurprised if it were also accompanied by a frustrated kick to the back of the seat in front of me).

I wish I could say that I did end up playing the saxophone. It was, after all, the only instrument I was destined to play, given my excellent lung capacity, good ear and capable fingers! (Honest, they're some of my best traits!!!) But that didn't happen. Instead I moved on from the saxophone, in much the same way most musicians did after sax saturation of the 80's and 90's. Though I loved the way it turned a great song into one that makes you wait for the good bit, the way the electric guitar or an awesome middle 8 does, I didn't see a place for it in the present. It was all nostalgia, and I kick myself for thinking this way because now it's back, in a new and exciting way! Here's two songs which make the sax star again. I'm completely addicted.


  1. Of course you would want to be like Lisa Simspon. You share the same personality type so she would be a character that you would strongly relate to:

    In that vein here is a little gift to you..........a couple of days early of course.

    1. Thank you!!!
      I was actually singing this the other day, loved that episode so much. I think the first time I watched it way back in childhood I choked up.


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