Thursday, July 24, 2014


I'm very excited, for tomorrow we are heading to Perisher for the weekend! For those of you who don't know, Perisher is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere. Don't think I have always known this, I wikipediaed (new word?) it a second ago. It's a bit of a diverse crowd - me and James, my youngest brother; my dad; my cousin who is visiting from Scotland and his pal who is also visiting from Scotland. That makes me the only girl on the trip. I have only one concern about the gender ratio and that is that I hope I am not outnumbered when it comes time for me to ask "who's up for a game of Balderdash?"

Anyway, before I head off, I've got a bit of housekeeping to do:

1. I can't believe I haven't announced it on the blog yet but I am an auntie! That would explain the picture of that beautiful angel at the top of this post. Her name is Barbara Julieta but it doesn't sound the way it does in your head. You might remember that my brother lived in Mexico, which is where he met his wife? Well, they communicate mostly in Spanish at home and therefore the name is actually pronounced the Spanish way. It's lovely to the ear. As you can imagine, I am totally obsessed with my niece. The night we got there, I didn't sleep. I just wanted to hold her all night when she cried. In fact, she never saw a mattress or pillow the first week of her life because everyone just took turns to hold her. And when someone else was holding her, everyone else was gathered around her. We actually barely left the house the whole few days we were there. I can't imagine what it will be like if we have our own?!

2. Are you aware that Leo season is now upon us? I'm certain we're the only member of the zodiac who like to announce the beginning of their star's season, which shouldn't be much of a surprise given that we allegedly think the world revolves around us. Who's a fellow lion? Which date? Anyone out there not a Leo but with an opinion on them? Now's the best time to divulge!

3. Has everybody seen Out of the Furnace yet? Don't worry if you haven't it's only just out on DVD, so I'll let you off the hook until next week. I don't even know if I need to provide a synopsis to entice you, other than these two words: Christian Bale. I can't think of a film that he has been in that hasn't been excellent; the man is quite simply the greatest actor in the world. His range! He's one of the only actors I can think of who makes you believe the character entirely, makes you feel something for the characters he plays, rather than the actor himself. I felt so distant from Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. It was even more than that, a depressive recognition of this person's unreachability. That is exactly how I should have felt and probably would feel if I met a sociopath/psychopath. He plays an entirely different character in Out of the Furnace, perhaps one of the most truly beautiful and selfless souls he's ever played. It's not only written in the part but it's there in how Bale has decided to carry himself on screen. Please get back to me with your thoughts once you've seen it, and let me know if you too think the scene on the bridge is possibly one of the most beautifully sad moments ever in cinema and if you also fell apart when you watched it? Cheers.

4. We're in a bit of a 90's revival just now, sartorially speaking. I recently got to thinking about the 90's and all the trends that the adults at the time were really into. For instance, I can distinctly recall the hype around the films Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. They were a huge talking point for so many people at the time. I also remember my parents and their friends being as obsessed with NYPD Blue as we are today with Breaking Bad and the like. Also, my parents pretty much exclusively wore Lee or Levis denim with black belts and their tops tucked in. I remember my mum getting really into that Tracey Chapman song Give Me One Reason and Toni Childs' version of Many Rivers to Cross and played them quite a lot in the car at one point. And then I started thinking beyond just the 90's and realised that my parents back then weren't much older than James and I are now. My mum had five children before she was 29, can you believe? She was a looker too. I remember us flying overseas, just me and her, when I was about 6 or 7 (1992 or 3). Remember when kids could visit the cockpit and meet the pilot? This time my mum took my hand and led me up there. I recall one of the pilots turning to greet me, and then my mum by saying: "and this must be your big sister" in a very flirtatious way which made me think he didn't really think she was my sister. Funny the things you remember, isn't it? What are your 90's memories? Any trends stick out? And finally, are you Pro or Anti the 90's fashion revival we're seeing now?

That'll do it from me. My post is full of questions for you, so make yourself known!

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