Wednesday, July 9, 2014


We're back from a quick trip to the snow! We rented a place at Mt. Baw Baw in Victoria (it's the closest ski field to Melbourne) with a couple of other families and had one full day on the slopes before work commitments called us back home. James had never been to the snow before and I hadn't put on a pair of skis in over 10 years so we weren't sure how we'd fare. It turns out we're rather competent and slightly addicted to going up and down ski slopes all day long. Not to mention the magical feeling of just being in the snow. We loved it so much we think we'll head for Thredbo or Perisher within the next month.

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  1. Hi Anna, thanks for coming over so I could find your wonderful blog. What stunning photos! I keep forgetting that it is winter in Australia, loving your ski photos and now I really miss it. We go mostly in Alta Utah (12,000 ft up) and Tahoe, though it can be slushy sunny there.


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