Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Presently I am obsessed with all things kelly green. I am speaking about the colour not a person, just to clarify. It's an American term to describe a sort of Irish-ey, brighter-than-emerald green and it looks incredible paired with navy blue, white or cream. We recently painted the wall in our front room a very dark - almost black - blue (post to come) and now I am on a mission to source beautiful green cushions and accessories to go with it. James will be breathing a sigh of relief knowing I am channelling this colour obsession into more easy-to-get-rid-of items like cushions, rather than bright green paint or wallpaper I had been contemplating for other rooms in our house. The men in my family who are all mad Celtic FC supporters (the team's colours are this exact shade of green and white) will probably use this blog post as permission to turn their homes into Celtic FC shrines now. Shudder. For more green love, see my pinterest board, but for now, let's admire this particular hue:

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