Friday, August 8, 2014

SNOW V 2.0

Usually a day or two away from home doesn't recharge me, but when I'm at the snow it does. Maybe because it's such a dramatic change of surroundings?  Fresh mountain air? I don't know, but we've been back two weeks now and I still feel like it was a few days ago that we returned home. And this will also be my excuse for how late this post is in coming.

We drove up on a Friday with two incredible Scotsmen. That's them sandwiched between my dad and James. Which celebrity do you think the one closest to James looks like?

Alex was also there, and put us all to shame with his incredible skills on the skis. We are still most comfortable on the green runs but he insisted on taking us down some blue trails the first day we got there. Way to terrify a person! I've got a theory that it's fear and lack of confidence that makes you ski poorly or fall over. It took me a little while to get my groove back after Alex pulled that little number on us. Here he is, looking sharp in all black:

And here's James and me in our matching ONESIES! Don't we make you sick?

Spare a thought for the people in the dining/bar area who saw it first hand. All five of us stationed ourselves there in the evenings as we drank a little and played my very favourite word game, Balderdash. I knew it was a fantastic game, but I had no idea the rest of the crew would take to it as enthusiastically as they did. Look at Nick throwing himself into it:

There were two very important things I took away from this recent trip to Perisher. One was that life is too short not to organise holidays with your family, especially if you're like me and live so far away from them. The other was that I haven't experienced a more peaceful moment than when I reached the very top of Mt. Back Perisher. It was the quietest place I've been and being so high up and surrounded by white, you can't help but think of the word 'heaven'.

Back to the real world: tonight we're off to the theatre to watch a play called The Effect. The blurb goes like this: Connie is a psychology student. Tristan is a charming drifter. Both have signed up to a clinical trial for a new antidepressant super-drug. Sealed off from the outside world, the attraction between Connie and Tristan turns into deeper feelings as their doses get stronger. They've been warned of side effects - can they trust their feelings, or is this just a chemical romance?

Interesting, no? I'll report back on instagram once I've seen it. Have a great weekend!

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