Friday, September 19, 2014


As I await the results of the Scottish independence referendum (keep up to date here), I have never been more proud to be Scottish. I am so pleased to see the people of Scotland displaying such passion for their beliefs, whatever they may be. The streets are full of proud Scots and I wish I could be among the action. The energy is meant to be extraordinary, like nothing anyone has experienced before. Look and listen:

If there's one thing we should take away from this, it's that politics is something we all should be actively interested and involved in. We should be prepared to stand by our beliefs and fight for the things we believe to be fair and right. People power!

Today's post is dedicated to Scotland, beginning with a few famous Scottish faces:

Let's not forget the Scots that belong to Australia now!

Here are some tourist snaps from yours truly, circa 2008:

My clan:

And James, wearing a kilt like it's no-one's business:

I'm going to go now and watch the coverage but I think I'll put a Scotland playlist up here later, given it's current and Scotland has produced many incredible bands and artists. 
As I bid you adieu, I must say my throat is dry and my stomach in knots. What will happen? I'd love to see the Yes vote win, but even if it doesn't, Scotland will still be one of the most incredible places on this fine earth!

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