Tuesday, December 2, 2014


... If you can remember Phil Olivetti, I am so proud!

If not, I'm just happy you're reading! If you follow me on instagram, you'll already know that I just had an extraordinary day last Friday. I was lucky enough to be invited to come along with James and some of his colleagues for an afternoon on a boat in Sydney harbour. The day could only be described as perfect. Perfect temperature, perfect blue skies, perfect wine, perfect seafood and perfect company - I know that sounds like such a lazy description but there's just no other way to put it... I don't think many days this summer will be able to compare!

Before I show you the onboard pics, let's discuss the Important Matter of Outfit Choice. I am very proud that I went with these flat shoes because I very nearly was going to wear some lovely but inappropriate wedges. Thank goodness I didn't because we would have had a man overboard situation on our hands before we even left the marina.

Top from here / Shorts here / Espadrilles here

I think James may have copied my outfit:

A couple of very unexpected things happened on the water that day. One was that a SUBMARINE casually  sailed by:

The other was that we were joined by dolphins on the way home. Sadly I didn't get to photograph that. I did get this lovely picture though:

And many more happy faces:

Some of the ladies and gents had come all the way from Quebec, so it was great to learn all about what life is like over there and how it compares to Sydney. One of the many things I learned from the girls was that apparently there are a lot of good looking men in Australia! How about that!

Thanks to Leanne and the team for such an awesome day!

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