Tuesday, January 27, 2015


My dad would be scratching his head as to why I am putting these pictures online. He thinks the garden at our family home is in the worst shape of it's life, given nobody has been living in the house and tending to it properly for some years now (aside from mowing the lawns every so often, as you see here!) I don't agree with him. I love the effortless look of the garden, how it isn't something that requires a lot of work, though it took a whole lot of effort to create it in the first place. When mum and dad bought the house, the whole side of the property was a densely overgrown area with a mere trickle of a creek running through it. Over time, dad created what you see today. After work and on any days off, he toiled. He dug out the creek, making it a large feature of the garden; and every single rock you see in these pictures, he laid himself (with the help of a friend or some of us kids, of course). The stone bridge and every waterfall was also his work. He put in lamp posts and planted many of the trees too.

I remember at one stage he'd made the creek three times as wide as it is now, with a jetty, neat stone edges and stepping stones, but he decided he didn't like it that way anymore and overhauled it again, making it less contrived. I don't know how long it must have taken him to remove the jetty and all those rocks and bring in earth, but he did it, and without doing his back in!

He also completely overhauled the front garden and back courtyards but they aren't too pretty at the moment so I'll hold off on posting about them! Soon he and mum will be moving back into the house and I am excited to see what he plans to do with the property once they get there. My sister wishes to have her wedding and reception at the family home soon, and dad thinks the garden as it is simply won't do! Watch this space.


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